Cain_and_AbelThe crimson blood ran deep through the rocks of the altar. Not far away in place and time, blood soaked into the dirt around the first martyr.

The above two sentences mark two brother’s actions. One, who is the cause of the first sentence, was named Abel. The second, who is the cause for the second sentence, was named Cain. Sure, everyone knows their stories, but few knew their true meaning.

You see, Cain was a tiller of the ground. There was nothing wrong with that. He worked hard every day and had to battle floods, droughts, pests, etc. He had it tough trying to make those plants grow.

On the other hand, Abel was a tender of the sheep. Although we don’t have proof that animals started eating each other this soon after the Fall we could say Abel had his share of problems with the sheep.

So, Cain and Abel had their problems but we could probably say that Cain had it harder. And, to keep the trend going, he even had it harder after his horrible action against Abel.

In Genesis 4:3-5 these two brothers make their offering to God. Cain offers his life-work to God. Abel does the same. However, God respected and accepted Abel’s offering but not Cain’s. Why?

There is only one explanation. Abel was a prophet of God (Matthew 23:34-35) and his offering made a covering for Abel’s sins. The blood of the lamb that Abel shed was accepted by God to cover Abel’s sins. In Hebrews 9:22 it tells us that “without shedding of blood is no remission”. Therefore, we know Abel’s offering was satisfactory for covering Abel’s sin. However, this lamb was more than just a sin offering, it was actually a shadow of what Jesus would do. Since Abel was a prophet, we know that his offerings meant more then just the outside looks.

Abel represents the Truth of only blood of Jesus wiping away sin. Only that blood.

Cain, on the other hand, did not give an offering that was sufficient for covering his sin. In fact, his offering was so repulsive to God that had no respect or even compassion (this can be revealed by looking at the Hebrew word “sha’ah”) for it. This made Cain angry.

But, what made Cain’s offering so bad? I mean, he offered his best, right? That was his problem. You see, Cain represents billions of people today and billions more in all of history. These people believe they can cover their sin, appease God and get His goodwill by their good works.

God didn’t want Cain’s hard work and works; He wanted Cain’s sacrifice of blood so his sins could be covered. Cain, instead of covering his sin, exposed his false belief in works.

Now, the outcome of Cain will be the very same for those who follow his belief: salvation by works. They will be punished for eternity because of what they did and didn’t let God do.

Are you like Cain? Please, repent of your sins right now and trust in Jesus Christ as the only way of Salvation! Give your life to Christ, it is eternally important.