GiraffeMany have marveled at the amazing complexity of the giraffe, and rightly so. Here is an animal that has stumped people for many years, that is, until they found out its secrets. These secrets, unfold the mystery surrounding the giraffe.

The well-known neck of the giraffe is anything but known when viewed from the inside, where all the miracles happen.

First of all, a giraffe has a huge heart. This heart works extremely hard to get blood up to the top of the head and the brain. This is a steep slope to climb so the pressure the heart has to release the blood is great.

However, even though this process works fine for the giraffe, he can have a problem if he bends down for a drink. See, with gravity working with the heart the amount of blood and the pressure would blow its brains out instantly. But, this doesn’t happen.

When a giraffe bends down for a drink the blood starts flowing faster. As the blood flows little valves in the artery close off and prevent the blood from blowing the brains out. However, if this happened the brain would suffocate from lack of blood. To solve this there is a spongy thing at the bottom of the brain that soaks up any good blood and feeds the brain while the giraffe drinks.

This solves the problem, until the giraffe stands back up.

If the animal just stands up its brain will suffocate and the creature will faint and then die. Not a pretty picture. To prevent this God made a special way for the blood to come back. As the giraffe raises its head the valves open up and allow blood to come through, the sponge empties the last of its blood and the valves on the descending area of the blood slightly close to set the level at a balance again.

It is amazing that such a creature could survive in this world. I am sure glad God took such care to make this lovely creature of complexity.