mutation12 years ago, today, hundreds of people died in what is known as “9/11”. Islamic Terrorists flew hijacked planes into people-filled buildings and sent the world into a war on terror. Although few, if any people, thought it, they would blame God for what happened.

You are probably thinking, “of course people blamed God!” I have no doubt they did, but I have a feeling some people blamed God in a slightly different way.

Many people say that they do this or that sin because that “is the way God made me!” Although it is completely wrong to say God made someone sinful, they are right that they are born sinful. They cannot escape the curse they embrace.

But, just because all these people have this mutation of sin, doesn’t mean God is to blame. The curse of sin is a direct result of human’s doings, not God’s.

But, since this curse does live in everyone of us, you might call us mutated by sin, or sin mutants. But, one cannot use this as an excuse of “the way God made me!” God made the first humans perfect. No sin whatsoever . . . but they disobeyed. God made mankind perfect but we polluted the perfect blood.

So, in order to cleanse the polluted blood, God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, who shed His perfect, holy blood so we could be cleansed from our sin. Won’t you confess and believe in Him, today?

If you still don’t believe me, watch the following videos:

Evolution vs. God