Brooklyn_Museum_-_The_Lost_Drachma_(La_drachme_perdue)_-_James_Tissot_-_overallOn Friday, last week, I attended a funeral for a family friend at our old church. During this funeral, the pastor of the church came up and delivered a short message. As the message unfolded, I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Right there in front of me was a man preaching only part of the Gospel and claiming it was the whole Gospel!

I knew the message was going wayward when the pastor asked what the un-saved were doing with their life. He claimed they were searching for fulfillment. Of course, the next thing he said was, “Jesus Christ gives that sense of fulfillment.” I knew the pastor was heading down the false Gospel road fast.

Then, when this pastor, started presenting the Gospel to the un-saved, I saw what was missing. He nearly quoted perfectly the way to Salvation by saying we must believe in Christ, and that He rose from the dead, but he left out something very important. Can you pick it out?

An essential part to the true Gospel is confessing your sins. The Bible puts much emphasis on this. In fact, the whole Bible is the account of man falling for sin, sin overtaking the world, Christ defeating sin and restoring the world into a sin-free planet. The entire Bible tells us the story of sin, so why wouldn’t it be a crucial part of the Gospel?

On the other hand, no where in the Bible does it talk about people running around and trying to find fulfillment and that Christ fills that God-shaped hole in your heart. Nowhere, and yet they keep repeating it.

The truth is, the whole world is running around, working like crazy or having fun because they want to forget the fact that they are going to die. They would do just about anything to forget that 10 out of 10 people die. No one escapes it and this scares them. It isn’t fulfillment they search for . . . it is drug that numbs the memory of death.

Unfortunately, Christians are promoting this “drug” to all those who are not saved and even to those who are saved. The push the “gospel” that involves zero confession and repentance of your sins and all on “fulfillment for your heart, peace and joy!”

Unfortunately, again, this message is widely accepted by Christians and many of the un-saved as they walk into a world they think is safe and find out they have been told a lie. One cannot believe Christ saved him if he doesn’t know what he was saved from! That is why confession and repentance must be preached. Otherwise it is like trying to rescue a drowning man who doesn’t believe in water . . .