higgs-boson-conceptual-artwork-pasiekaThere is something very fascinating about light that many people do not think about. With light, you can bend it, divide it, scatter it, redirect it and expose it, but something you can’t do is make it non-light. No matter what you do to it, the light will still be light.

The light will still caste shadows and it will still illuminate the area around it. You can’t change that about light. The light cannot lose its “inner light” from whatever you may do to it. It keeps on shining.

When I think of this aspect of light, I can’t help but connect it to the world.

The world is like the dark, encroaching area around the light (the saved). It is always waiting for the light to move back or weaken, and it is always trying to help it along. Sometimes it hits it right and the light does weaken, but it remains.

This irritates the world so they try to divide the light. They may change the color of the light, but they cannot stop it from illuminating things. So, the darkness/world redirects the light, hoping to stop it. But, the light keep shining.

The darkness eventually tries to scatter it, but it only produces more directed pinpoints of light that cut through the darkness even more. The darkness then desperately tries to expose the light. But, the material the darkness uses only makes the light thicker and gives more exposure to the darkness of the world.

Finally, the darkness will give up. It’ll keep trying but it knows it is useless.

So it is like with the saved and unsaved. The saved cannot be plucked from God’s hand. They can be divided among themselves, scattered, exposed and redirected done the wrong path, but they cannot be sent off God’s hand. Once they have been saved, they cannot be taken away.

The world will try and try to pluck the saved out of God’s hand, but it can’t. Sometimes, it looks like they did it, but that is just the light exposing the dust that came from the darkness of the world.

There is no “refund” with God, and why would you want one?