010216-01I always felt sorry for the people on Jeopardy who, when asked a question answered and forgot to say “who is . . .” or “what is . . .” and missed winning the points, whether or not they got it right. Now, I have a question: who is Jesus? Who is God?

Well, the other day, a character in the book I’m currently writing had the same questions. The person (or should I say angel) he asked the questions too had a very interesting answer. He said (of God the Father):

“He is Creator of all, just, holy, perfect, merciful, sovereign, omnipresent, Most High, mighty, omniscient, longsuffering, eternal, almighty, loving, omnipotent, good, wise, sustainer, faithful, and protector.”

My character was shocked at such a description, as he should be. So many people don’t realize who God really is because they never look close enough. Instead, they try to pick out two or three things and apply them to the world.

They say, “God can’t be a loving God if He lets all this bad stuff happen!” But they don’t realize that God is lovingly let us have a choice, is longsuffering about it, merciful and wise. He won’t let anything go wrong that shouldn’t have.

They also say, “how can a loving God send people to Hell?” Well, they forget, or ignore, the fact that God is also just and holy and cannot let sin go unpunished. Instead of seeing this, the unsaved try to blame their sins on God.

Then, my character asked of the angel, “who is Jesus?” The angel responded with:

“He is the Author and finisher of our faith, Prince of peace, faithful, merciful, patient, longsuffering, loving, Lion of the tribe of Judah, only begotten Son of God, Savior, King of kings, and Lord of lords.”

Once again, as with God the Father, people take a few aspects of Christ and twist them to their liking while it is their own minds that are twisted.

For instance, they will say, because Christ disobeyed the “no work on the Sabbath” rule, He could not have been perfect. However, Christ said He fulfilled the Law, meaning He was the perfect example. Through Him, we are made perfect in the sight of God because Christ was the Law embodied.

Few people understand these things because they do not care.