A short article for kids/teens on the inspiration of the Bible.

Thunder has always been a part of the human’s life. Whether that human lives in the rainforest or in the desert, there are still thunderstorms. And over the years scientists have given us a lot of information about these thunderstorms; information that had never come to knowledge for the average human being.

However, there were some humans who had contemplated the scientific world well before we did. One of these humans left us one of the earliest written records in all of history. This book records the life of a man named Job (pronounced J-oh-b).

This man faced serious personal loss including most of his family, his wealth, livestock, etc. and was even stricken with boils. But, throughout this book scientific knowledge of the world around Job is exposed.

In Job chapter 28 verse 26, Job is speaking of God and says that He has made “a path for the thunderbolt.”

The truth is, when lightning strikes it actually strikes 3-4 times (sometimes more) in a row. But, these strikes happen so quickly that it appears as one flash. After the first, initial flash the rest are called re-strikes. These re-strikes are usually weaker than the first one and occur 40-50 milliseconds after the first, making the whole thing just seem like one stroke.

When Job said God made “a path for the thunderbolt” he was probably referring to re-strikes.

See, when the first lightning strikes it leaves a discharge path that attracts the other lightning to the same path. These discharges are negative and/or positive and act like a magnet for the re-strikes (which are pulses of electricity).

This all happens in less than a second, so there is no way Job could have known about it without high-speed-cameras and viewing them frame-by-frame. Job did not have such a privilege.