people-jumping-off-cliff2I always thought is was funny that atheists called Christians “people who create intellectual suicide” and “people relying on blind faith”. When I looked at their beliefs, I thought they had done the same. Since we both couldn’t be committing intellectual suicide, somebody had to go out and see which one was relying on blind faith.

What became of such a quest? Evolution Vs. God, the great new documentary from Ray Comfort. Throughout this entire movie, Ray asks evolutionists questions about their beliefs and they can offer nothing but blind faith in scientists. They can’t produce evidence.

What I thought was most amazing about this movie is that it was made by creationists and yet it had one creationist going against multiple atheists. Look at the damage it has done to the lie of evolution! What is even more amazing is that, on most evolutionary shows, all they have are evolutionists on their shows and they still fail miserably.

I just thought it was funny that evolutionists couldn’t even stand against one creationist with one question and even on their own shows they can’t stand up to the truth. Sad, really.

Watch Evolution Vs. God below: