babycoverMozart created music that has been enjoyed by millions. His music still inspires people. But, no matter how big his reputation is, Mozart was a small man.  In fact, Mozart was once so small that people didn’t even know he existed for weeks, maybe even a few months.

This time, when Mozart was so small, was when he was but a zygote. Conception has only happened moments before and the two are merging to form all the information required to form Mozart. His fingers to play the piano. His arms to orchestrate. Every one of his brain cells to design the music. Every cell is programmed in this zygote seconds after conception.

Now, imagine Mozart’s arms have been growing, his fingers are shaping and his brain is already swinging to the beat of his mother’s heart. Then, all of a sudden, Mozart is grabbed from beneath. He squirms but the grip is tight.

Mozart begins to panic. His leg is pulled down, twisted and ripped from his hip. His brain fires out signals of pain. He wishes he could scream. His other leg is grabbed, twisted and torn off.

Mozart lays unconscious as his arm is pulled off, then his other arm, and finally the rest of his body. The person who dismembered Mozart arranges him on a metal dish and throws him away, the tuneful fingers now tuneless.

Only Hell, the eternal abode of all wicked people and demons, can exceed the extremity of abortion.