marmot-sm_Copyright_Ken_BryanCamouflage is, perhaps, the most important animal defense known to . . . well, animals! But, the art of camouflage is not only limited to animals: humans do it too.

In my house, camouflage is synonymous with the word “hunting”. You wear camouflage, you hunt. Their logic is as simple as that. Nothing big, just simple. Human camouflage is usually reserved to hunting, whether the hunted are animals or humans. So, my family usually links them together.

Now, when hunting, camouflage is very necessary . . . based off what you are hunting. If you are hunting turkey, then you need to wear camouflage that looks just like the forest around you.

If you are hunting deer, you should wear camouflage but you are required to wear an orange piece of clothing on you. This is done so other hunters don’t shoot you and it is orange because deer are colorblind. However, if you were hunting turkey with that orange hat, you wouldn’t have a chance.

Each camouflage, whether it be for prey or predator, must be suited to counteract its prey or predator. Now, in a world created by mindless chance, one would not expect to see such balance. But, as can be seen over and over, we do see such balance.

Take the fish and the crane for example. The fish is covered in scales which reflect the sights around him and make him very hard to see. Then, look at the crane. He is tall, and slender, hard to see from the fish’s perspective.

They both counteract each other. The fish by his surroundings and outer covering, and the crane by his body shape. Let’s look at a few more amazing balances.

The gazelle and the cheetah are commonly pitted against each other in shows but, whether they realize it or not, these two creatures are great at cancelling each others camouflage out.

The gazelle is a creature that keeps low to the ground. His shoulders reach about the same height as the tall grass around him. His pale coat matches perfectly with the dry grass. If he lays down in the tall grass, he is invisible. The cheetah cancels out the camouflage by being even lower to the ground, able to move through the grass much less noticeably, and has a coat matching the grass.

Both animals have great camouflage but, when put together, everything works out to be just perfect. The balance in nature seen in this article reminds me of the one I did on speed and stamina. It is truly amazing how this all works out.