800px-TailpieceandbridgeScientists and laymen alike have been trying, for decades, to prove a positive or negative connection between plants and music. Some scientists have dedicated years of study to find out if plants are truly changed by music. Others have spent that time trying to disprove it.

I’m no botanist, but when I look at the scientific studies done on this topic, I see only one conclusion. But first, let’s look at the evidence.

In 1973 a woman named Dorothy Retallack decided to test out the theory of music-plant-interaction. Dorothy did vigorous study including many attempts and much work. She ended with the following conclusion derived from her evidence:

Plants exposed to rock metal grew tall, thin, withered and leaned away from the source of the music

Plants exposed to “soothing” music grew thick, healthy and leaned 15-20 degrees toward the source of the music

This was stunning information. Some might say the blast of the rock music drew the leaves to bend away. However, wouldn’t the soothing music have at least some of the same effect too? Why would the leaves lean towards it if the sound waves were sending them away?

No, leaves and plants lean towards something only when they like it. When they don’t like something, they lean away from it. Like the sun. Flowers and plants can follow the sun from sunrise to sunset each day. They follow what they like.

It was interesting to note, while researching for this article, I noticed many secular sites ignored the music-plant-interaction. They wrote articles on how to disprove the scientists methods or work but they didn’t offer any solid proof to disprove the interaction happening. They attributed it all to scientist error. Not a very stable stand.

That got me thinking: why would people want to hide this or make it look unreal?

I could only think of two reasons:

If an evolutionist acknowledged the interaction, he would be forced to answer why evolution would create such a thing in the plant without foreknowledge of music

If rock music, and other negative music was proven bad on plants, then those plants could be the guinea pigs to tell humans to stop listening to such destructive music

Neither option is very flattering for them. I’m just glad God created these plants with the foreknowledge of good music.