082612_0830_sharepoint29Information is the most sought after thing in the world. People will barter for it, pay for it and even kill for it. People will die for it and die because of it. Don’t believe me?

Think of all those old westerns. In many of them they would have the good guy recognize the bad guy and the bad guy would then say he would be forced to kill him. The good guy gained knowledge and died because of it (or the producers made it sound like he was going to die because of it) and the bad guy killed because of it. Information can be deadly.

But, information isn’t only bad. Imagine two murderers are coming to your house and are going to burn down the entire building and make sure you can’t get out. Now, if someone heard of their plans and warned you, that information would save you and your family. The information turned out to help someone.

Information, like electricity, travels from person-to-person and many times travels in circles. Like our western analogy.

The good guy knew the bad guy and gained information on what he sounded like, looked like, etc. The good guy then released that information to the bad guy. The bad guy then took that information and killed someone because of the threat that the information might be told elsewhere. The main reason information is stopped is because someone wants it to be stopped!

Now, in our other analogy, we have a different story. Information went from one murderer to another. That information was also picked up by a different person who then went and gave that information to you. That information was then given to your family and probably the police. The information that you had escaped eventually reached the murderers and the train of information might be released in court back to the murderers.

All in all, a big, long wrap of information that covered many people.

But, you want to know something about information? It can’t create itself and it can be created by no one but God Almighty! And He tells us He created information right away in Genesis. He said, “let there be light.” Information right there.

Think about it, information is everywhere in everything. Your computer, your body, your room, your car, even the air. Information is everywhere because everything can be interpreted with an intelligent mind. The air doesn’t tell us it is called “oxygen”. We must come to that conclusion our self.

So, information can’t only not be created by nothing, it can’t be understood by nothing so, in order for it to exist, it must have something, or Someone, Who can understand it. Otherwise, information cannot exist.