Deerfire_high_res_editA fire will keep burning until it:

Runs out of energy

Runs out of fuel

Runs out of oxygen

Comes in contact with water

Gets sprayed with anything that normally puts out fires

Now, a spray bottle doesn’t put out a forest fire; it barely puts out a candle. A bucket of water puts out a flame but not a forest fire. A hose puts out a raging fire, but not a forest fire. You know what stops a forest fire? Lack of fuel.

When you dump water on a fire it does two things:

Cools the area around the fire making it harder for the fire to catch it on fire

Turns into water vapor and absorbs oxygen that the fire needs; it will starve of oxygen then

But, when you have a fire miles long and deep, the best way to stop it is to take away its fuel.

It was once asked:

A man is on a island bordered all around by drop-off cliffs and shark-infested waters. He cannot escape or climb down. Suddenly, a fire starts on one part of the island. The wind is blowing in his direction and the fire is rapidly consuming the island. What should the man do so he doesn’t get burned?

If I were to give you a minute you might answer, “he needs to start a fire on his side of the island, keep it under control, burn a strip and then put it out. That way, when the fire reaches him, it will be stopped because it can’t burn stuff already burnt.” You would be right.

Man is faced with a raging fire. It is called sin. This fire blazes all around, suppresses us and feeds off our lusts. It gets energy from our will to sin, air from our sinful nature and fuel in our lust. It rages inside, consuming everything.

Men try to dose it with water in their own way and they put out the flame but not the fire. It continues to grow and devour no mater how hard they try. Sin has control over them. They can do nothing from keeping the sin to end them . . . by killing them.

Fortunately, there is one who can come to any man who ask of Him and destroy your lust, your oxygen you freely give to the fire and the energy you submit it to. He will destroy the fuel and let the fire die. You will be set free from the fire.

Granted, it will take awhile for the grass to grow back and all the beautiful trees . . . but they won’t be trees of lust anymore, they will be trees bearing the fruit of righteousness. There will still be hot coals, but those can be taken care of.

Today, repent of your wicked ways, let Jesus Christ come to you and extinguish the flames encroaching on you. Repent of your wicked ways. Repent!