SergeyKrasovskiyTapuiasaurusThe theory of millions of years has been knocked back and forth for years. People say it is proven because the rocks are so old and that they must have formed slowly over many, many years. They say fossilization takes thousands or millions of years to be complete. There they are wrong.

Under the right conditions, a dead, buried animal can become fossilized in a few years. This is unbelievable! Yes, people can fossilize things in a lab very quickly but the natural way takes longer.

In order for something to fossilize, it must be buried in wet earth, with hundreds or thousands of pounds of pressure and tiny enough dirt materials to make their way into the bone and around the cells.

As it turns out, we have found thousands of thousands of fossils. As it also turns out, we find almost everyone having some previous connection with water. Most of the time, people say the fossils they found most have been buried in an ancient lake non-existent today.

This seems awfully convenient since so many fossils are found like this. 4,000 some years ago, God sent a worldwide flood that covered the whole world and killed everything underneath it, burying it in mud, thousands of tons of pressure and sealing them in water. The perfect ingredients for fossils.

Since these conditions were ideal, every one of those fossils could have been fossilized by the time Noah had his first grandson! They definitely had enough time to fossilize until we found them.