800px-Sympetrum_flaveolum_-_side_(aka)A new section and page has been added to give God the glory for all the amazing insects He has made. The first one is about the dragonfly. Follow the link after the short excerpt and watch the video with amazing footage and effects.

With the ability to move any one of their four wings in any direction they pleased, it is no surprise that the dragonfly is often called the flying ace of the world. As can be seen in this video, every beat of the dragonfly is perfectly directed to use the least amount of strength and get the most power out of it. This skill in flying gives the dragonfly the ability to fly up, down, left, right backwards or forwards!

When you look at the dragonfly in this video you can see it has a sleek body with a compact thorax and a slim abdomen. With just the slightest increase of power or change in direction of the wings, the dragonfly can quickly change position while flying.

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