ideaOne of the smallest dinosaurs found was named Micropachycephalosaurus. It has the longest name of any dinosaur and yet it was one of the smallest dinosaur.

The smallest word with the most vowels is “Io”. Io was a Greek goddess and is also one of Jupiter’s moons. She is the bottom left moon in the picture below.

Titin is the name of the largest known protein. Since it is the biggest, it has the biggest scientific name. It is also considered the biggest word of any language.

It is a word so big that it can take three-and-a-half hours to pronounce. Three-and-a-half hours!Io_Earth_Moon_Comparison

And, if that isn’t bad enough, the whole word consists of 189,819 letters! That would be equivalent to a 200-page book! Just one word . . . with enough letters to make a book. You are probably wondering two things:

What is the word!!!???

What is your point to all this?

I will give you the word, as soon as I’ve given my point about all this.

I just think it is funny that some of our biggest or smallest things represent the exact opposite of what they are. For example, Micropachycephalosaurus was a tiny dinosaur and yet he has the longest name.

Io is a huge moon and yet it has the smallest possible name (a name must contain at least two letters).

Titin is the largest protein but it is still too tiny to see with the naked eye and yet it owns the longest word/name in all the world!

It seems we are a little backwards in our thinking. It hardly seems an issue to discuss on a Christian website but, to me, it signifies how the world has turned upside down. To really see how backward our thinking is, watch the following video:

OK, click HERE to see the longest word.