babythinkLast month, I told you about my local newspaper not publishing letters to the editors that were about abortion. I had sent one on abortion and its procedures months ago and it was completely ignored. The article was all facts yet it was rejected.

Sometime later I sent another article about Planned Parenthood. Same story. The article was all facts yet it was rejected. I’m only left wondering why they rejected these articles. The only logical reason would be that they didn’t like the facts, so they hid them.

Anyway, sometime later (again), I saw that they had published an article about animal cruelty written by a local 6th grader. The article was all emotional pleas and left nothing to fact. It was published though.

So, to test my local newspaper, I decided to have my 6th grader sister write in an article about abortion that was all emotional pleas. I didn’t know what to expect. Would they do it because it was a 6th grader? Or would they keep it out because it brought in abortion in a negative light?

Turns out, weeks after submitting it, that the article was never published. Little surprise I guess. It is still disappointing though, and they still have time to publish it . . . but I won’t get my hopes up. Do you think they’ll publish my letter if I write to complain they are holding back these letters?

Anyway, watch the following movie and share to expose abortion for what it really is: