heartWhile reviewing one of Jason Gray’s songs a few weeks ago, I said, “His suggestions to all his listeners comes directly from the cultural Christianity idea that our feelings are very important for our spiritual life. They are the least reliable sense and yet everybody makes them out to be the heroes.”

I do not want to be misunderstood about what I meant so I am going to clarify my statement.

God gave us emotions. He wants us to use them and control them. However, He did not make them to govern us or our relationship with Him. We should be genuinely ecstatic about God, but when it comes to salvation, we have to remember it is Jesus Christ’s love for us that saves, not the other way around.

Thing is, emotions are unreliable. However, when they are emotions that come from a deep love and knowing of God, then they cannot be destructive like other, untamed emotions are. Also, when your emotions go over belief, faith and truth, then they can be wrong and unreliable, especially when dealing with God, like Jason Gray’s song.

I just wanted to make that clear so none of my readers are shaking because they don’t know about their emotions!