clockMany shows these days are based off the idea that humans can develop a machine that can transport people through time. Recently, I was reading CMI’s website and I ran across an article that was dated the day after the day I was currently in. I couldn’t help but cue the alien, UFO music in my head. I soon remembered that the article was published in Australia first so it was “tomorrow” there when it was “today” here.

Anyway, the whole concept of traveling forward in time is erroneous in three ways:

People from the past cannot be in association with any descendants of themselves because they no longer existed to have them

Let’s say you are twenty years old and you go into the future. In the future you meet your great-grandson,. Before you went into the future, you had only been engaged. This would not be possible because, from when you left until the second you meet that great-grandson, you have not existed. This is the big mistake in movies that display time travel and one people don’t see that would destroy the idea of time travel.

People cannot meet themselves in the future (even if they transported themselves a few days ahead)

This cannot be because of the same thing as before.  These people, once they went into time travel, cannot exist until they come out. So, if if you only transported a few days, you wouldn’t be able to meet yourself because you became nonexistent those few days. The only “self” you would see is yourself in the mirror.

And the most important:

Only God can have the ability to control time

Since God is the only One who has the ability to control time, then man would not be able to create a machine or anything that would transport them through it. That is akin to taking God’s control over one of the most important things in life: time!

Next part we will talk about the negative parts of traveling back in time.