walkingI’ve been practicing for my driver’s license a lot lately and a little while ago I took my first complete trip into town. On the way there are many intersections with lights. Most of them turned red on me and a few were yellow so I had to stop. There were no greens.

I finally just said, “I’ve got enough practice on red and yellow lights, I want some practice on green lights!” I eventually got my wish, but it got me thinking. I was getting lots of practice stopping and slowing down, but I lacked experience in just going.

Of course, there isn’t much skill in driving through a green light, but it still gave me a sense of doing something new and something that I could look forward too. It got me thinking about the Christian life and evangelism.

Few Christians are taught how to drive through a green light. They always see a red light or a yellow one. So, when they meet someone they know isn’t saved, they either don’t mention it at all or do it slowly and then stop it when it gets the least uncomfortable.

The other day I read, in my Evidence Bible, something about David and Goliath that I had never heard before. Ray Comfort said:

David took five smooth stones, but four remained in the bag. Only one was used to defeat the enemy. The Church has five “stones” – a fivefold office for ministry: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (see Eph. 4:11). But only one stone goes outside of the Church to face the enemy: the evangelist and those he has equipped to do the work of ministry. Be a lively stone.

His insight into that made me think a lot about that and I realized how David and Goliath was a shadow of the Church to come.

So, next time you think you see a red or yellow light when witnessing to someone (whether face-to-face or online) remember what God wants you to do and that you are the only weapon that goes against the world. Make it good and “be a lively stone.”