babystrollerMy family consists of thirteen children. After my mom had had the third child (my older brother) people would constantly tell her to stop. When my mom would get pregnant again, people would become physically sick.

Physically sick! For some unknown reason, they could not stand the idea of my mom having more kids. Well, it ended up that she had ten more children and when it was announced #14 was coming, people groaned. She lost the baby. People then consoled, half-kindheartedly.

When #15 was announced, people became sick again and groaned. She lost that baby too. People then consoled her.

For all these years, people have lamented the pregnancies of my mother, yet are very happy with the products. Why?

Why would someone be mad, and even sick, about the developing of a human being and then go and except that human being like  . . . well, a human being? It seems like an abortion subcategory to me.