800px-Common_Seal_Phoca_vitulina_1It has always been the battle of the ages. Ever since the Fall of mankind, animals and humans have always raced (literally) to be the fastest. The faster you are the more food you catch. So, today, our special animal defense would have to be speed.

Most, if not all, of us are familiar with the fastest land animal, a cheetah and the fastest flying creature, a peregrine falcon. But, something I bet you didn’t know is that the sailfish is the fastest water animal. At 70mph this fish has no problem escaping his predators.

So, there is no doubt that being speedy can save you from some tough circumstances, but what about the times you are the predator and you can move the fastest? Turns out, the three fastest animals in these categories are all predators. So, what did God give the prey so they wouldn’t all be taken out by the fast predators?

Well, where these three predators have speed, their prey usually have stamina. For example, I’ve heard a cheetah can only run his top speed for a short distance whereas his prey can run for much longer at speeds about 2/3 that of the cheetah. Work that out and you find the prey has a pretty good chance of escaping.

I’ve also seen video where a wolf was chasing down some caribou. The wolf looked like he was going to lose simply because he did not have the stamina the caribou did. It was a fleeting moment for the caribou until it tripped and the wolf caught up. Not a very happy ending for the caribou but one that certainly satisfied the wolf.

So, in this fallen world, we have stamina and speed warring against each other. Just like with prey and predator vision, God gave one creature the advantage to his side and the other an advantage on his side. Together they make a delicate balance. I’d like to see mindless chance develop that balance!