guitarI have already introduced Jason Gray into our series, and hoped not to review his songs again, but he has a lot of other songs that do need to be reviewed so that will be done here.

All the lovely losers
Never thought you’d hear your name
Always on the outside
Empty at the wishing well
But time will tell

Blessed Be
The ones who know that they are weak
They shall see
The kingdom come to the broken ones
Blessed be

Like you’re drinking from a salt sea
But one day you’ll be satisfied
For the taste of mercy
Aching just to have your fill
One day you will


Not for the strong, beautiful the brave
Not for the ones who think they’ve got it made
It’s for the poor, broken and meek
It’s for the ones who look a lot like you and me

Chorus: (2x’s)

Blessed Be
All the lovely losers

Right away, in reading these lyrics, someone must define the meaning of “losers”. I would have to guess that it would coincide with these adjectives: weak, unpopular, awkward, etc. I would also assume, by the way of the words around it, it means “sinners” or “sinful”. That is where a problem arises.

First off, this song was taken from the beatitudes and changed into this song. Why Jason couldn’t stay with the beatitudes, I do not know, but he did take from something Jesus said and turned into something Jesus never uttered.

Jesus said blessed be the meek and poor in spirit. He never even suggested the word or meaning of “losers”.

If it seems to some that I’m merely messing with a word, consider what the message of a “losers” song says to the modern, cultural, Christianity group. It gives them an excuse for their sin. It gives them a way to say, “God doesn’t really care what I do, He did say blessed be the losers. I’m a loser so, I’m good.” A twisted view for sure.