Tip 3

People often complain about getting the “guilt trip”. This technique is usually used when someone is trying to get something from someone else. They will do this so they can “play” another person into doing what the want them to do.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, I suggest that Christians use a version of this technique to better witness. Now, I’m not saying that Christians should go around saying, “I’m going to die tomorrow and I just wish you would come to Christ. That would be my dying wish!” You may say that to someone when you really are drawing your last breath (it may create a false convert though) but, when witnessing, I don’ recommend it.

No, I’m suggesting that you throw a “pity trip” for yourself. This pity trip would mean that you are making the other person so convicted of their sins that you feel pitiful for them.

You need to make your potential convertee know that he/she has sinned and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Salvation; this can be done by throwing a pity trip!

Tip 4

I have seen multiple interviews of Christians that said, when asked, that they did not tell people about hell when they witnessed to them! What in the world?!

Of all the things not to mention to a non-believer, why hell? Why do people refuse to tell others about hell?

Something that was very famous less than a hundred years ago (and is still pretty popular today) is a method called hell-fire preaching. This method of preaching has been ridiculed because it runs on people’s fear of hell instead of their acknowledgment of their sin.

Truthfully, this hell-fire preaching is something that should not be totally embraced yet not totally thrown away. Unfortunately, few can find the right balance!

First of all, when witnessing you should always mention hell, not to scare the person into a decision but to give them an understanding of what happens to those who have violated God’s law.

When the law is brought to a human’s heart they begin to feel guilty because their conscience is kicking in. If you then tell them how, if they die, they will go to hell (let them decide, after giving them the law, if they should go to heaven or hell) they will begin to notice that they are in need of a Savior.

They, in turn, accept Christ because He will save them from their sin and rescue them from hell!