Many people, when they go out to witness, forget some very important points that they must keep in mind so as not to drive away their witnessee and be able to drive home the Gospel. Five tips will be given over the next few articles making mention of some important things.

Tip 1

  1. When witnessing to someone always be conscious of what kind of physical condition they are in.

An example of this would be:

Bill approaches Sue and gets into a conversation with her and Bill leads it into talking about Christ. The thing is, Sue has piano practice in 10 minutes and she only stopped to say hi to Bill. She is sweating as she watches the seconds tick by. She is too nice and shy to tell Bill that she has to go so she agonizingly listens to Bill, nods, thanks him and runs to her practice, only 30 seconds to go!

Unfortunately, Bill did not observe that Sue was busy and when you try to interrupt someone with the Gospel they are more likely to ignore you the first time and possibly the other times you bring it up.

Note, I’m not saying that the preaching of the Gospel should not be top priority on your list but it isn’t always on their list. Just don’t make the mistake of catching someone when they are not ready to listen!

Truthfully, the Gospel takes precedence over all other things and if you are using this tip as an excuse that it is a “bad time” to witness to someone then you are taking it way out of what I mean to say. I’m not letting you off the hook, you still need to witness, but just make sure that you have the subject’s attention!

Tip 2

This tip covers the opposite of the first one and breaks on a subject that many try to forget when the day is drawing to a close. Here is our very own Bill and Sue again!

Bill and Sue are sitting in the dentist’s waiting room. Sue’s mom has just gone into the dentist and Bill happens to know she is having a root canal, and that she might be awhile. Bill also knows that Sue will be waiting that whole time, just five feet from him.

Taking into account the possibly stressful deal with sending your mom into the dentists to have a root canal, Bill decides against witnessing to Sue, because she might be distracted with this ordeal. He skips out on the possibility of saving her soul!

Unfortunately, situations like this happen all the time (of which I have been “Bill” in many cases)! We are ignoring the saving of souls because we feel it is no the right time when it really is.

Look what Paul said to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4:2:

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

We have to preach the Word in season and out of season? what does that mean? One thing: we always preach the Word!

It doesn’t matter if you think Sue might be a little nervous about her mom having a root canal, if she is than go over to her, talk to her and pray with her! If you don’t think that will make a difference than I’ll eat my hat (actually, I don’t have a hat but maybe I’ll buy one if anyone ever writes me and says that this didn’t work)!

Don’t confuse someone elses’ unwillingness to listen to the Gospel with your own fear of ridicule! I know I am incredibly guilty!