600px-Electric_eel_Electrophorus_electricusThe semi-famous, son of a knifefish, electric eel has charged up his neighborhood with volts of energy since the very day he was made. With the ability to charge his body with 600 volts of electricity, the electric eel has one of the strangest defense known to water creatures.

Although the electric eel has a presupposing connection with eels, he is actually more closely related to the knifefish group than the eel. His origins though, are a topic besides this one.

Underneath the skin, the electric eel is a combination of electricity and/or disaster waiting to happen.

See, inside his body are three organs. Each one of these organs are composed of millions of cells called electrolytes. Each of these cells, in turn, are organized in a way that electric ions are placed in the right pattern. In a very simple way, these organs could be seen as gigantic axons.

With this arrangement, the electric eel can tell his body exactly when to charge up. This is done through the brain.

When the voltage is needed, the electric eel sends a signal through his nerves. These nerves act like little electric organs and send the message to the real organs. This signal opens up the ions of the electrolytes and lets sodium in. The sodium then quickly turns and replaces the polarities of the ions. This makes the electric charge.

This charge then moves down the body and concludes where the electrolytes end. This all happens in a little longer than 2 milliseconds. But, the consequences for prey can be life changing, or life-ending.

So, with all these things working together, one can easily say that this fish developed by chance, right? Couldn’t the animal simply have accidentally developed all this to help him hunt and defend himself? No way.

See, each of these electric organs is set up with all those millions of cells and each one of those cells has to be in a certain order. Now, if those organs have all those millions of cells in order by chance, then the odds would be 1 to something like millions to millionths of power. It just doesn’t make sense for chance!

But, for the God we know and believe, something like the electric eel is a walk in the park . . . actually, it is simpler than that!