In the first chapters of Genesis, God makes it very clear that He wanted both animals, plants and humans to multiply. One of the main purposes for creation was to continue on through reproduction. However, nowadays, in the modern, sin-filled world we live in, humans (including most Christians I know) are getting sucked into the idea that a child or family is a burden. Such thoughts are anti-biblical and go against much of what God teaches.

Obviously, the worst form of restricting a family would be abortion. This just plain out kills the baby.

One of the others that most Christians use and think are perfectly fine, are birth control pills. These try and make sure a woman does not get pregnant. My question is, how are these different from abortions? Sure, abortion killed the life that was already created, but birth control hinders the life from beginning. What makes one better or worse than the other?

I know this is a touchy subject as nearly everyone in the world thinks these types of birth control are perfectly fine. They figure, as long as it isn’t an abortion, they should be fine. I am extremely disappointed that so many Christians take birth control to prevent one of God’s greatest blessings and purposes to life.

Abortion is often considered a selfish act because many people don’t want the baby because of the money, time etc. implications. But, do they ever think that they are having the same feeling taking their birth control. They are acting selfishly in order to “enjoy” their life more. they want the freedom. I don’t see much of a difference between the motives for abortion and the motives for birth control.

This truly saddens me. When God said to multiply on the earth, He didn’t say, “Multiply: 1+1×0”. If He had said so, the outcome would have been zero. If a man and a woman can have children, then they are meant to have them. Think about this: 2X0 = 0. An eligible couple times no baby, equals . . . what?