nicebirdyThe word, “extinction”, is a funny word. It implies that all things under it must be non-existent today. For example, people say dinosaurs are extinct. They say they died out a long time ago and that no more live today. They also say things like this about zooneden (megafuana), pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, etc.

Yes, extinction is an interesting word. I once talked about why the above creatures have to be extinct in the evolutionary mindset. Here is a quote from that study:

See, if dinosaurs were still alive today, and they looked like the fossils we find of them, that would mean, for the evolutionist, that this creature went through 65 million years of existence without changing a bit! That would be devastating for any evolutionist!

But, that would only be for the dinosaurs that lived right before the “major extinction“. Imagine all the other dinosaurs that lived tens of millions of years before the extinction! If these creatures had survived and hadn’t evolved . . . it would not be good for evolutionists.

However, one might ask, what does extinction mean for the creationist.

First off, extinction is not a myth. There are things that are extinct. Certain species of dinosaurs are definitely extinct. Likewise, some species of pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, pterosaurs, zooneden, etc. are extinct. If they were all live we would most certainly see many of them each day. You can’t hide thousands of species of animals very easily.

Secondly, extinction is not anti-science, anti-creation, or anti-evolution. Although it does cross the border of God’s original creation, it is something that effects the post-Fall world.

Thirdly, extinction is final. You can’t bring mammoths back from the icy tomb even if you do have all you need. You won’t get a true mammoth. Remember Sid’s songs on Ice Age: The Meltdown? “Someday, when you’ve gone extinct . . . hey, hey, hey what’s that sound? All the mammoths are in the ground . . . if your species will continue clap your hands *clap, clap*”

Sorry, couldn’t help but add that part. I should note though that God can reverse extinction and will in the end when all former things pass away.

Fourthly, extinction is one of creation’s strongest arguments against theistic evolution.

In theistic evolution, they believe that God used evolution to make the world. However, in the Bible it makes it very clear that death did not come to creation until after the Fall. Therefore, nothing could have died before human beings “evolved”.

This being so, theistic evolutionists have a problem because, according to their belief, death started happening billions of years before humans hit the scene. Now that causes headaches.