angelicIn my study for my latest book I’m writing (which is going rather slow), I discovered that there must be realms, besides heaven and hell, that angels and demons can “roam”. This came to me by common sense, as they say. But, if you want to know the details, then heere is how I figured it out:

Angels and demons (AAD) exist

AAD cannot be seen by humans most of the time

AAD can’t be in heaven or hell when they interact with humans (without being seen)

Since AAD have to be out of heaven or hell when they interact with humans invisibly, there must be a realm parallel to ours that AAd can be in without being seen

And if there is such a realm then there also must be a realm where the AAD cannot be seen or not interacting with the human world but not residing in heaven or hell

And if both of the above are true then AAD must be able to enter the human realm, thus exiting the heavenly or hell’s realm to enter the first realm, then the second realm and then the human realm

And if there are five realms (heaven, hell, non-interactive realm, interactive/invisible realm and human realm) then our ideas of AAD just might be dramatically changed

Well, I don’t want to get too long with this article but the above information gives you something to chew on.