9263I would like to recommend a few articles from the highly-esteemed Creation Ministries International (CMI). These regard the trinity and certain aspects of Them:

Spacetime and the Trinity

Is Jesus intrinsically bound in spacetime? Robert B. from the United States writes in response to Modern science in creationist thinking:

Wow!! John Hartnett. You and Russell Humphreys solved the longstanding dilemma of how the Bible could be true in spite of the apparent age of the cosmos. Thanks.

In “Starlight, Time and the New Physics” you gave a nod to Humphreys momentous contribution and said:

We needed to be reminded that Relativity has long taught us that time and space are not universal absolutes…

Our Triune God

Worshiping the true God requires at least minimal knowledge about who He is. And while none of us can understand God completely, He has revealed some truths about Himself in Scripture in a way we can understand. As Christians, we should want to understand God’s revelation of His own character as clearly as possible. The Trinity is at the heart of God’s self-revelation.

Trinity: analogies and countering critics

In today’s feedback article, Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds to various readers concerning the doctrine of the Trinity. These include is God made of parts, good analogies versus fallacious ones, the personality of the Holy Spirit, how the early Church including Tertullian realized that the Bible taught the Trinity, what “God is one” means. The original questions were directed at various articles on the web, and this article collates them into one place that is easily searchable.

(Note: this article may seem, by some, to contradict my article “What Some Water Taught Me“. This might be true but, in my article I am using much of what Sarfati said when he used the sun analogy. My article was also written to give an analogy of how God affects us in our lives.)