thinkMany people, when they think of major religions (like Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, etc.), think that reason can have no part in it and that religion is simply a “blind-faith” type of thing.
They say reason and religion don’t mix. However, many people argue with that. On a purely reasonable track here, it is plain to see religion is directly related to reason throughout most of its existence. In fact, with the absence of reason, religion falls apart, like with some of the ancient religions that sacrificed children to their gods. They lost the reasoning part of their religions.
Although so many people proclaim there is an absence of reason in religion, specifically Christianity, they have nothing to back it up. Sure, they can call Christianity a “blind-faith” religion. They can and do call Christianity a “intellectual leap off a cliff” and other names that suggest they think of Christianity as nothing better than superstition.
However, if you have ever read the Bible you would see that Christianity is nothing of the sort. Yes, we have faith, but it is not blind or a intellectual suicidal action. Our faith strengthens our intellect. Let me prove it.
You have an evolutionist. He says the world came from absolutely nothing and that we are all the products of time and chance. No intelligence whatsoever was needed. Although that would be a great moment for an insult, we must remember to be like Christ. Anyway, on the other hand you have a Christian. He believes that you need God to make everything. That nothing can’t create everything and that we all have a purpose.
Now, which one uses faith? Both. One has faith that time and chance could make everything (including themselves before they were even made) from nothing. The other has faith that God made the universe. Tow different faiths but faiths nonetheless.
Now, which one uses reason? I’ll let you decide. In the meantime, you can read Jason Lisle’s article on this topic HERE.