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The lion is often called the king of beasts. Although he has even competition with many other predators, he is still titled “the king”. In the same way, Tyrannosaurus Rex is titled the “king” (“rex” in Greek means “king”). But, what kind of king was he and is he really the king of dinosaurs?

First off, many people view T. Rex as a vicious dinosaur with teeth as long as their hand, arms as short as theirs, a head as long as they are tall and legs that would outrun any one of them. Definitely not an appealing description if T. Rex happens to be your next-door neighbor.

Although the above physical description of T. Rex is accurate, the natural ferociousness of him is not certain fact. Now, except on my profile of T. Rex, I accept him as a meat-eater after the fall. I also give him some credit by saying he was probably pretty ferocious and was near the top of the food chain for sure.

However, we must remember a few things about animals, which, most likely, are the same in dinosaurs, specifically T. Rex. For the most part, animals kill for food not sport. I know there are more than one occasion where an animal kills for sport, but, for the majority of the time, the animal kills because it has too.

So, if T. Rex killed when he had to, because he didn’t want to waste energy going after prey for no reason, then he must have been made with specifics “tools” to accomplish this. And, although he is not the biggest meat-eating dinosaur, he is definitely one of the best made ones.

First off, T. Rex had amazing eyesight. As we talked about HERE, the sight was even better than a hawks! Some estimates run that T. Rex could have seen six times better then humans. Can you imagine how nice that would be for hunting? Humans are excellent hunters with just their eyesight, imagine what it would be like to see six times better than that.

So, they had good eyesight, what about smell, hearing? It has been suggested that T. Rex, based off the marks on the fossil, had a good nose. This nose, like in a sharks, could be used to smell out a fresh kill, a decaying one or a animal about to be killed. The first two branch from the theory that T. Rex was a scavenger while the last one assumes T. Rex hunted for his own food.

Whether or not T. Rex was a scavenger or a hunter is a discussion for another day perhaps, but there is no doubt in my mind that he used his excellent vision and good nose to sniff out a meal . . . dead or alive.

So, one may ask, what is the purpose of this article? Why are we discussing the “tools” of T. Rex on a Christian website? Firstly, I love dinosaurs. Secondly, dinosaurs are greatly misunderstood, especially among Christians. Thirdly, try and make me stop talking about God and His amazing creation!