768px-Lab_glasswareIt seems a majority of what each human believes is based on what a scientists says. We believe that helium is the lightest element because why? Scientists tell us. We believe that we are made up of cells because why? Scientists tell us! Many believe the world was created from nothing because why? Scientists tell them that is how it happened.
This raises the question, “what can we believe?”
We are often told not to believe everything we read in a book, see on TV or hear on the radio but, what are to believe then? Should all of what we read, see and hear be thrown out just because some of it is in error? Surely, a topic like this could fill books but I’ll try to keep it short.
There are two main types of science:
Operational science
Origin science
The first one, operational, is a science that specials in experiments, observation and the such that can be done right then and there. You don’t have to wonder about it because if it is right you can test it and get the right results. If it is wrong then you can test it and get the wrong results. Simple, believable stuff.
However, when it comes to opinion, origin science is the one that generates the speculation and debates.
When something in science can only be seen through the past, like a fossil, then that is origin science as we cannot bring that fossil to life or re-fossilize the creature again. We must base our decisions off what we think the fossil is telling us. But, we can only hear what the fossil has to say if we are on the right foundation.
In order to propose something, you must have a presupposition that that proposal comes from. Then, that presupposition has another presupposition until you get to your ultimate standard. For evolutionists, their presupposition is that that fossil evolved or is millions of years old. Then start the doubting.
Since it is origin science and they cannot test it here and now, they cannot solidly say it is the truth. They cannot test the rock to see if it is millions of years old (though they claim they can), they can’t make the fossil live again and see how it behaves or if it had evolved or was going to evolve. They can’t do any of that so it is considered orgin science and cannot be considered solid fact.
So, origin science is the only real science you have worry about when it comes to what the scientists say.