Opinions and views have flared recently over the History Channel’s “The Bible” series. I have watched them, and though I have my opinion and I hold it strongly, I am still debating whether or not I should write it down here. We will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, I think some other ventures of the History Channel should be explored. A good place to start would be in their Ancient Secrets of the Bible (I’m not exactly sure on the title, but when I talk about their Bible shows for this article I will be talking about this series and others excluding “The Bible” series) series. You won’t believe some of the things that are on there.

First off, I find it amazing that a secular station, like the History Channel, is going out and making shows, which cost lots of money, about the Bible. That right away sounds off a warning for me. If they are taking the time and money to do that they must be doing one of two things:

Working for God

Working for Satan

Unfortunately, a few minutes of any of their shows on the Bible and you will see that they are doing the latter. Seriously, when I watch that show, even for a little bit, I get physically, emotionally and spiritually sick! They try so hard to make their disgusting lies so near to the truth that so many people would believe them.

I once heard that the best lie is one that is nearest the truth. That is exactly what the History Channel is doing.

I saw one of their shows the other day and they just loved to twist things around. Even just writing this right now is making me sick to the stomach, remembering the types of lies they told, with the little, “and the Bible says . . .”

What really makes me really sad about all this is that thousands, maybe millions of people are watching these shows and seeing what the History Channel has to say about the Bible instead of what the Bible says about the Bible.

And, what makes me even sadder is that Christians are not speaking against it, acting against it or doing anything about it! You want to know why we are losing this world to Satan? It is because of these types of lies . . .