Throughout the years, millions of women have had abortions. Because of this, multiple studies have gone trying to track negative affects on woman as a result of abortion.

In one study, involving women who had breast cancer, it was found that teenagers who had a family history of breast cancer plus had an abortion had a 100% rate of getting breast cancer.1

The chance of getting breast cancer increased if you had an abortion and were a teenager, over 30 or had an abortion within the first trimester. One doctor had multiple breast cancer patients and it was found that 30% of her patients had had an abortion.2

Abortion has also been found to lead to early death in older people, suicide, premature babies and many other emotional, physiological and physical problems. No positive affects on a woman has ever been found after an abortion.

Now, whether or not you can say abortion is right or wrong, the above facts and statistics definitely show you a side that hasn’t yet been exposed to the common person. These facts should make the nation cry out for the ending of abortion.


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