I once started a story and titled it, “Fire Warms and Burns”. It was a story about a boy who’s father had incidentally killed his best friend’s parents. The best friend didn’t know about it until the very end of the story because he didn’t know the true identity of the boy. The title then reflected the best friend’s anger when he found out, this boy warmed him and helped him as a friend, but the same object that helped him ended up destroying him.

Although it isn’t a very happy story, it reminds me so much of so many Christians today. For them, the fire of hell and sin warms and burns. These Christians claim they are saved. They know the burning pain of the sin they have committed and are committing. But then, at the same time, those same sins warm them up and make them feel good .  . .

This is where the problem is. For these Christians, their “fire” is almost always warming them instead of ever burning them. The only time the fire seems to burn is when they are caught and exposed as committing one of their sins. Not a very repentant heart, is it?

Anyway, a trademark of these cultural Christians is something the world likes to call tolerance. Of course, as we know, tolerance soon becomes intolerance to people’s intolerance of people’s sin. Then those who want tolerance become intolerant by condemning those intolerant people as intolerant when all they want to do is point out the intolerance of those who wish to be tolerant. Sounds like a mouthful but the explanation is simple, as long as you like riddles.

It is these types of Christians that follow the erroneous saying, “preach the gospel whenever you can, and occasionally use words.” Only lately have I developed a hatred for that saying. One might say a hatred for it is quite harsh, but wouldn’t you hate a saying that kept people from coming to Christ?

I mean, quotes like that are telling millions of Christians to simply act good and the world will fall to its knees and proclaim Christ as LORD! That doesn’t make sense does it?

It is worthy to note, that when Christ comes back in the end times, He will use His tongue (the Bible, His Word) to bring judgment to the un-saved and sinners. A saying that tells people to only use their works to bring people to Christ is unbiblical.

Look at Christ. He healed many, yet, at every healing highlighted in the Bible, He preached. He didn’t just give His actions, He gave His Word; the Gospel!

These Christians who don’t care for the lost, who wallow in the same mud as the swine, are those Christ called “workers of iniquity” (Luke 13:27). I find only one difference between the un-saved swine and the “saved” swine. The un-saved swine wallow in the mud, snorting, “I love sin.” Wheras the “saved” swine wallow in the mud and snort, “I love Jesus.” Which is more damaging to the work of Christ?