A few days ago the National Day of Prayer took place. On this day, Christians make a public statement that they not only care for this nation but also that God loves it and the entire world. They do this by either praying in a public place, like a city hall or park, or at home. It is a powerful day for many.

However, (I bet you saw the “however” coming) there is something about these types of “dates” that unsettle me. Basically, they almost suggest that we should pray really hard on this day. But, my question is, why should we pray more on this day then any other?

Now, if you are familiar with this website over the years, you will bring to my remembrance September 28th. In other words, you would remind me that I ask people to pray specifically every year on a certain day. How is that any different? To tell you the truth, it isn’t . . .

That is why I have decided not to hold that event any longer. I believe that Christians should pray everyday just as earnestly as they did the day before. That is my view on it and it will stick with this site.