I can’t stand it when people call out for unity. You want to know why? Because anyone who doubts their motives, as they should, gets called down with one or more of these types of insults:

“Don’t judge!”



And many more that consist of multiple violations to the confinement of dirty words.

You know what I find really amusing about all that, is that these people are being hypocrites. Instead of trying to seek unity with someone who opposes their acts, they call them out as those trying to destroy unity. However, right as they are calling out non-unifiers, they are breaking up the unity.

See, an act of unity cannot succeed in a soul that is not born again. No unity can come from a unwashed soul. It would be like winning a beauty contest with your entire body covered in feet of dirt!

Anyway, with that said, I think a series covering some of the messed up ideas, beliefs and customs of America and the world just might be in order! What do you think? And, our little slogan for this series, “Where’s the Love Bro?”, just makes the point that our world is divided by those saved and those un-saved and that no lasting unity can exist between the un-saved and the un-saved.