A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the theories of how dinosaurs went extinct. We went through a number of the popular theories and came to the conclusion that none of them accounted for the three requirements of this extinction:

  1. A satisfactory means of burial, thus fossilization
  2. It has to explain why some animals lived and some died
  3. It has to have evidence, otherwise they are just theories

It turns out, after years and years of study, that quite a few scientists are coming to the conclusion that a great flood could have been the only plausible explanation for such a massive extinction. And, it so happens, that such a great flood that covered the entire earth, is recorded in the most popular book in the world: the Bible (anyone surprised?). But, does this idea of a great flood jump the three hurdles of major extinction?


According to the account recorded in the Bible, when the flood happened some 4,000+ years ago it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Along with that rain the continents broke apart and let out huge gushes of water (fountains of the deep) that would have caused amazing catastrophic events.

Volcano activity would have erupted and would have contributed trillions of pounds of water from the depths. As could be expected, with the landmass breaking apart, giant tsunamis, miles and miles high, would descend upon the earth and would have wiped out every creature that lived on land, in the sky, and most of those which were in the water.

The amount of mud, water and pressure exhibited by such a flood would account for all the needed requirements for fossilization.

Here, though, is one of the most interesting facts. Animals found as fossils are found in a particular area of rocks. These rocks are all layered, generally, like so:

1.      Bottom layers, marine organisms

2.      Next layers, marine organisms

3.      Next layers, 90% of marine organisms gone and many land ones

4.      Next layers, primarily land animals

5.      Next layers, basically land (some sky) animals

6.      Next layers, birds, pterosaurs and “higher” creatures

See, if you believe that the flood took out these creatures you have a perfect plan for the layering of these creatures. Those that lived in the ocean were some of the first, while they could still be carried to the top of mountains (as has been found in many mountains).

Next you had some land ones, the gigantic wave of sediment and creatures is starting to crash down, forming layers. Then you have more and more land animals. You also find these in relatively the same patterns, but you always have exceptions, and the higher you go into the sky you begin to pick up other creatures.

The birds and flying creatures were some of the last as they could have delayed their death longer by flying. So, the flood does account for fossilization.

Selected Extinction

Easily the most perplexing part of these extinctions is why some lived and some died. This is easily explained in the Bible, where this flood is recorded.

When God told Noah to take two of every unclean animal and seven of every clean animal onto the ark, Noah would have, of course, taken dinosaurs along. However, when the flood hit it would have destroyed all the remaining creatures and that is where we get most, if not all, of our dinosaur fossils.

When the dinosaurs emerged from the ark they were an in entirely new world. Man may have hunted them. Wait, you say. How could man kill all the dinosaurs? Look at the dodo bird and many other such animals that have been brought to the brink of extinction from hunting. Why couldn’t it happen with the dinosaurs?

Anyway, when the dinosaurs emerged their climate had changed. There was thought to be a very tropical environment before the flood. However, many believe that the flood would have greatly changed the climate and the poor dinosaurs couldn’t handle it. So, the new world may have been too much for the dinosaurs and so they slowed died off.


And here is the most important part of confirming an extinction theory: the evidence. Many scientists ignore the evidence for the global flood, while treading all over it. As has been explained in the fossilized section, the flood was a truly a catastrophe that would have made hundreds of feet of rocks and such, which produced fossils.

Also, marine creatures have been found on top of some of the highest mountains. How could of these creatures gotten to the tops of such mountains? Last time I checked, a clam can’t walk up a mountain. The only explanation would be that something and carried these clams from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the mountain. And the only theory that can possibly explain such a thing is the great flood.

As can be seen above, in this layman study, the great flood recorded in the Bible is the only theory that can jump the three hurdles of this massive extinction.