Life is a easily definable word. Many months ago I described it quickly (aka a week) in a seven-part series that was accumulated HERE. The definition was easily remembered by thinking of SHAREGO.

Stimulus response

Homeostasis response

Adaptation abilities

Reproduction abilities

Energy collector



These seven characteristics define all life. All these characteristics are only found in living things but the living thing is not confined to these characteristics. Think of the human baby for instance. Just like a human, it will respond to stimuli (changes) and it can maintain that stimuli through homeostasis. It can also adapt to its environment and its cells are constantly reproducing. It obtains energy and grows considerably. It is highly organized and is more complex than the average adult human.

Now, please tell me what the difference is between killing that living not-yet-born baby and killing a born-human? Please, give me an answer and watch this: