After discussing logic HERE and HERE, I figured someone might ask if logic is the main belief which rockets from the ultimate standard (US). In other words, if you were to say all your beliefs are represented as a tree, one might ask if your US is the roots, would logic be the trunk from which the branches (other beliefs) spring forth?

This is a very good question because, if we can prove logic is the trunk (but not the roots [US] mind you) we can then prove logic cannot be the product of evolution but only of God. However, that was talked about HERE and I will leave that argument there to save time here.

To assume that the laws of logic is our trunk, we would have to prove that the laws of logic do not require anything but God before them. However, as we discovered HERE, the laws of logic do have something that has to exist for them to exist. Let me quote from my article The Tree of Logic:

In order for logic to be the US of someone’s beliefs, logic must be able to exist independently of other laws of nature. It must be able to be existent without other laws of nature, physics, etc. Now, can the laws of logic exist without the law of gravity? Probably yes. Can they exist with the law of order? No. The law of order is a prerequisite to logic. Therefore, without the cause, the effect can not be. So, without the law of order, the law of logic cannot exist. And since then the law of order would be a higher belief then logic, we would have to move on to the law of order being the US. However, that can be disproven too.

Wow, so we need the laws of order to make the laws of logic? Yes. Some people might say the laws of logic contain the laws of order but if you look at the real meaning of logic, it is simply to make an argument. Its definition does not have to do with the laws of order, but with the laws of logic/arguments.

So, if logic can’t be our trunk, would the laws of order be the likely candidate? Most would say yes. I mean, logic is so prevalent in everyday. We are constantly making arguments for beliefs. If the law of order, the law right above the laws of logic, what could be the trunk?

Here is where things get tricky because I would have to say logic and order are both the trunk of the tree of our beliefs. This seems contradictory and my explanation will seem fallacious but hold with me.

We already talked about how God has to be the only true US because He can still exist even if all the beliefs are gone. I would encourage you to read about that here so you can get a better gasp of what I will be talking about for the laws of order and logic.

Picture this: God makes the earth and all the laws. The laws of nature. The laws of logic. The laws of physics. And so on and so forth. However, for God, since He made the universe and has to exist independently from His creation to make His creation, we can see He must have made the laws of logic independent from Himself. You can use the laws of logic to “prove” God exists but if He doesn’t really exist under our “laws” then He can still be real without the laws of logic. It is the opposite with evolution. Without logic one cannot even explain evolution and thus it falls to pieces.

Think of it this way. I write a book where everyone has to start their sentences with the word “Yes”. So, in this book, the characters could use this “law” to describe me, the writer. They could explain me by starting everyone of the sentences with the word “yes”. However, since I created that law in the book, if I were to take it away, would I still be here? If the people in my book couldn’t describe me with their “law” would I still be real? Yes (no pun intended), because I exist under different “laws” as them.

So, as you can see, logic can only come from the ultimate standard of a belief in God.

Here is where my tie-in of these two laws comes into play. We can say we can have order without logic because logic is a “child” of order. However, without logic could we argue for order? Could we say order is more prevalent then logic because it gave birth to it? Could we argue for order without using logic?

Basically, what I am saying is this: can the laws of order exist without logic?

This is a tricky question as someone could say that the laws of order are the “mother” of logic and they can’t just disappear if the laws of logic, the “child”, disappears. It would be like saying the cause of an effect disappears after the effect is no more.

However, others could say the laws of order would lose part of their definition (i.e. as a “mother”) or all the definition if the “child (logic) were to disappear. Of course, the laws of order wouldn’t be the same without the laws of logic but we find that they are not completely dependent on each other.

In the Bible and in this world, we can see that God used the laws of order to create everything. From these laws of order the laws of logic were made. Basically, logic and order are tightly-knit together and I would say this as their relationship:

Logic is the way in which we understand God and order is the way in which God made us. These two are closely related and it makes sense for them to be together in the “trunk” of our beliefs.

Enough said.