As talked about in this article, I recently tackled the question, “where does logic come from?” While answering this question I found that I could totally disprove evolution and prove God all in the same breath. This totally shocked me so, of course, I had to write more about it to make sure my logic was clear and that nobody misunderstood.

When the question was first asked of me, a opinion was attached to it. The person believe that logic came from science. However, that theory made no sense and I explained that in this article. So, I would like to tackle some other ideas about the origins of logic.

Logic comes from feelings, emotions.

Logic comes from the law and order of the universe.

Logic is a ultimate standard (US) by itself.

Except for the last theory, I have a simple solution for the origins of logic which basically puts in a nutshell what I talked about here. If you cannot have logic to supply you with logical reasoning about the origins then how can you have the product? Watered down even more: how can you have logic originate from things run by logic? It is like my foal analogy:

Can a horse have a foal? Of course it can. Now, what would you call the person who says the foal is the mother of the mother and the mother is the mother of the foal? You would probably think they were a little crazy. The cause of the effect can not be the effect of the effect. It is a logical fallacy that makes no sense.

So, it is easy enough to say logic can not be a belief of a US, but what about if someone says logic is the US? Here is where someone might get confused. But, truthfully, the answer is just as simple.

If someone says logic is the US they will have to prove that it is true . . . easier said then done.  In order for logic to be the US of someone’s beliefs, logic must be able to exist independently of other laws of nature. It must be able to be existent without other laws of nature, physics, etc. Now, can the laws of logic exist without the law of gravity? Probably yes. Can they exist with the law of order? No. The law of order is a prerequisite to logic. Therefore, without the cause, the effect can not be. So, without the law of order, the law of logic cannot exist. And since then the law of order would be a higher belief then logic, we would have to move on to the law of order being the US. However, that can be disproven too.

Before I go on, I must make it clear that I’m not disproving logic or order or anything else. I am merely pointing at that these things cannot be ultimate standards since they do not pass the test of the transcendental argument.

Now, we get to the juicy part. How does logic disprove evolution and prove God at the same time?

People, when you ask them about a certain belief, may list logic as a belief off of their US of evolution of molecules-to-man. Basically, for many, logic is the product of evolution. However, in order for logic to be a product of the US evolution, evolution must be able to be independently existent of logic. Without logic, evolution has to still be possible in order for it to be a US.

Can evolution exists without the laws of logic? Can I say evolution created logic therefore it can exist without it? Without logic could you still have evolution? No. Evolution can not exist without the laws of logic since it was created by the laws of logic, whether rationally or irrationally. And since we know logic cannot be a US, we see that evolution is just another belief that cannot be a US.

Now, what about God being proven?

I quote from No! Not an Ultimate!!! I realize I will be quoting from this many times but bear with me as it clearly makes my point.

Picture this: God makes the earth and all the laws. The laws of nature. The laws of logic. The laws of physics. And so on and so forth. However, for God, since He made the universe and has to exist independently from His creation to make His creation, we can see He must have made the laws of logic independent from Himself. You can use the laws of logic to “prove” God exists but if He doesn’t really exist under our “laws” then He can still be real without the laws of logic. It is the opposite with evolution. Without logic one cannot even explain evolution and thus it falls to pieces.

Think of it this way. I write a book where everyone has to start their sentences with the word “Yes”. So, in this book, the characters could use this “law” to describe me, the writer. They could explain me by starting everyone of the sentences with the word “yes”. However, since I created that law in the book, if I were to take it away, would I still be here? If the people in my book couldn’t describe me with their “law” would I still be real? Yes (no pun intended), because I exist under different “laws” as them.

So, we can ask this about God: can He exist without the laws of logic? Yes. Can He exist without humans? Yes. Can He exist without any of the laws, orders and things of this universe? Yes, because He made them. Amazing how one question about logic can prove the existence of God!