As we talked about in our last article, all our beliefs must start from somewhere. In the case of this universe and by the laws we follow, their must be an ultimate standard (US) for all our beliefs. For Christians, this US is the Trinity. Every belief comes from Them and it is important that you can prove a US true. Because, if you can, you can, essentially, prove the existence of God (I will use the word “God” to refer to the Trinity) and everything He has said in His word.

Now, proving a US is easier said then done, especially when it comes to God being the US. In order to prove a US one must trace back the origins of their beliefs to find the only standard that could possibly be a US.

A US must have a few things for it to be true:

No other beliefs “greater” than themselves

Can still exist without the beliefs/laws it has produced

For anyone except a Christian, these standards are impossible to meet. However, for a Christian, their US can easily be proven true by sticking to these two main requirements.

If we believe in God existing as the Trinity, we can label that as our greatest belief. All our other beliefs, whether they be true or not, will descend from that US of God being real. Easy enough stated but how do we go about proving it without applying to a greater belief?

This is where the second standard comes in. A US can be proven if it has no greater beliefs and if it can still exist without any of the beliefs/laws it has produced. Not one can remain.

Now, when you think of evolution or someone else’s “ultimate standard”, can you think of its survival without some of its “children” beliefs? Can evolution survive without the laws of logic/arguments? Think of any belief related to evolution and see if evolution can survive without it.

On the other hand, think of God and the US we Christians should have. Can God survive without any of His “children” beliefs? Can He still be real without humans? Yes. Can He still be real without the laws of logic/arguments? Yes. Can He still be real without the laws of order? Yes. Can He still exist without the universe? Yes.

One might ask, how can God exist without all those things, especially things like order or logic? The answer is simple: He created all those things so He can exist without them. It looks like I will have to quote my article again:

Picture this: God makes the earth and all the laws. The laws of nature. The laws of logic. The laws of physics. And so on and so forth. However, for God, since He made the universe and has to exist independently from His creation to make His creation, we can see He must have made the laws of logic independent from Himself. You can use the laws of logic to “prove” God exists but if He doesn’t really exist under our “laws” then He can still be real without the laws of logic. It is the opposite with evolution. Without logic one cannot even explain evolution and thus it falls to pieces.

Think of it this way. I write a book where everyone has to start their sentences with the word “Yes”. So, in this book, the characters could use this “law” to describe me, the writer. They could explain me by starting everyone of the sentences with the word “yes”. However, since I created that law in the book, if I were to take it away, would I still be here? If the people in my book couldn’t describe me with their “law” would I still be real? Yes (no pun intended), because I exist under different “laws” as them.

When you create a world, you do not exist inside the laws you made. By simply stating a US one can prove it true . . .  if that US is God because it is the only US that has, does and will always stand the test of Truth. Comforting.