Something had to be holding your beliefs.
Something has to be holding your beliefs.

I was thinking about the article yesterday and I decided to expand and what I had spoken of. First, to really define an ultimate standard.

An ultimate standard, or US as we will call it for short, is something all your beliefs rest on. For Christians, a US should be God, Christ, the Bible, Holy Spirit, etc. Then, all our decisions or beliefs in life should come from that US. This is just how it works.

If you say to someone that you believe murder is wrong (belief and a fact), they may ask you why you think that. You would then have to say that the Bible says it is wrong (belief and fact). They might ask about the Bible and you would have to say God wrote the Bible (belief and fact). They would then, naturally, ask about God. Here is your US. For all who believe in God, He is the ultimate standard. No belief supports God. Look what God said Himself about His US state.

Hebrews 6:13:

For when God made promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no greater, He sware by Himself,

This verse is the literal meaning of a US. When we used the above example we did a sort of small-to-large equation. We started with a simple belief, murder is wrong and then expanded it until we reached Someone so great that it cannot go any further. This Someone is obviously God.

Now, one would say, how can we know a US is a US? Can’t we just say God is based on another belief until we go on forever and ever? In order for us to know that there is a US we must have some kind of way to prove the US is there by using the US. Basically, we have to use circular reasoning.

Wait! Isn’t circular reasoning a fallacy and something evolutionists do? Yes, the second part is true but the first part is only true if the circular reasoning is fallacious. Circular reasoning can be non-fallacious; it just all depends on how you make the argument. In order to prove a US you have to make the transcendental argument.

Most people, when trying to prove their US will use one of their beliefs to back it up. Here’s an example:

I believe in dinosaurs-to-bird evolution, therefore evolution is my US.

I know it is a true US because dinosaurs-to-birds is true.

Therefore my US is true.

This fallacy does not make any logical sense. It is kind of like my favorite new analogy:

Can a horse have a foal? Of course it can. Now, what would you call the person who says the foal is the mother of the mother and the mother is the mother of the foal? You would call them foalish, right? Sorry, couldn’t help that joke. It is a logical fallacy that makes no sense.

Your belief, which should come from your US cannot support your US since then it would  become “greater” then your US and then it would be the US. This argument defeats itself.

Another argument people do is to say that one of their first belief follows from their US. Basically, they make the same mistake as last time but with a slight twist. This time they are appealing to a lesser standard to prove the US. In the last argument they were using a lesser standard and made it greater to prove the US. Either way, both arguments are fallacious and do not prove the US. Let me illustrate the second argument with this:

Let’s say I believe murder is wrong and that my US is evolution. I then tell you that my US is right because murder is wrong. However, this is like seeing that foal horse and saying that it is proof of a human mother. We are assuming that the foal is proof of a mother, but we label it with the wrong mother.

We could also say, with this irrational thinking, that this foal, proves all horses are mothers. You could even limit it to the point where you say all the females that specific species that the foal belongs to are mothers. This may seem logical but this foal really only points to one mother: the mother of the foal. That is the only proof the foal can give.

So, since we can see that normal methods of proving a US do not work, we must find a way that does work. Since we can not use a lesser belief to prove it because it would make the US true just because the person believes it is true. And, since we can’t appeal to a higher belief than a US then there is only one way that a US can be proven true.

The second part in this series will explain this amazing way to prove a US true. You will not want to miss it.