I wonder what was going through the minds of the people on the Titanic. You would probably say they were screaming, “we’re sinking!” “We’re going to die!” and etc. Right? What else could they possibly have been thinking?

Think about it for a minute. As the broken part of the ship started to descend into the murky water, what do you think people on the other end were feeling? Were they sinking? No, as the drawings and movies depict, one side was sinking and the other was going up.

Surely, those people up top must have thought, “we aren’t going to sink! We are going up, everybody knows sinking things go down. Yet, everybody says we are sinking and we are going up. Doesn’t make much sense to me.”

Do you really believe they were thinking or saying that? Well, it is happening today so why couldn’t it have happened back then?

See, today, we have evolutionists telling us that, because of the way rock layers are arranged, that animals have been upgrading their former selves. They just kept getting better and better. Up and up. The animals just got further up and finally evolved into humans.

Yet, what the evolutionists don’t see is that evolution (safety of the ship) can’t be happening because the genetic makeup of every creature can only maintain or lose its current DNA. A creature cannot add or make new data for their bodies in order to evolve.

For me, it is like the people at the top of the Titanic. They, in our picture, see they are rising. They have nothing to fear. They are moving away from the water, not toward it. All “logic” tells them they will be safe.

However, like the real story, the Titanic and all of creation, is sinking. There is no getting better for creatures. There is only sinking, no rising. No evolution. Everything, whether people believe it is safe or not, will descend and drown.

For the evolutionist, he sees the rock layers layered perfectly by the flood described in Genesis. However, instead of believing in the Bible, the evolutionist says that rock layers go up. Everything can only get better from here. Like our Titanic passengers, it only goes up from here.

But, the evolutionists don’t realize that their beliefs lay in a lie that tries to secure them but ultimately drowns them. Not a pretty picture. We need to tell them about the lifeboats!