Notice the feathers imagined for this Utahraptor?

I was browsing National Geographic the other day when I was researching my article on terror birds, and I ran across a very interesting article from a freelancer that writes one of the NG blogs. The article, called “A Velociraptor Without Feathers Isn’t a Velociraptor“.

First off, before I get to the main point of this article, I’d like to state that, technically, the “Velociraptors” on Jurassic Park are not really Velociraptors.  Instead, the dinosaurs were copied from the features of an amazing dinosaur called Deinonychus. However, the producers found Velociraptor to be an easier pronunciation, as well as it being a cool name.

So, technically, his first error was in his title. His second error was also in his title and explained in his article. He stated that Velociraptor definitely had feathers covering it’s body. However, not a single feather has ever been found on Velociraptor or any other dinosaur. Ever!

Funny how this guy could write an entire article in frustration about something that doesn’t exist.

Anyway, onto the article. First off, as the rumor has it, a Jurassic Park 4 is going to be made. Now, what dinosaurs, characters, etc. they will have on it, I know not. However, I do know one thing. They will not be putting feathers on the dinosaurs. It is for this that got this blogger mad.

Some quotes from the article and my input afterwards.

I have no idea what dinosaurs are due to appear in Jurassic Park 4.  I wish that I did. But if Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus are reprising their roles, these dinosaurs should certainly have some kind of plumage. That comes right from fossil evidence and evolutionary logic.

Actually, there is no evidence of “plumage” on any dinosaur. All that is made up with the evolution of molecules-to-man “logic”. It seems he threw in the fossil evidence to make it look more credible.

But this is about more than just visuals. A blockbuster summer film has the opportunity to introduce audiences to dinosaurs as have never been seen before on the big screen while simultaneously throwing some much-needed support to evolution by visualizing one of the critical traits that connects avian and non-avian dinosaurs.

Well, right here we get to the point. I guess evolution has much-need for a visual theory to be shown as fact. Once again, there is no connection between avian and dinosaurs. None.

At the conclusion to his article, he says:

Letting feathery dinosaurs run wild could inspire a whole new generation of young fossil fans, thrill audiences, and give evolutionary science a much needed boost. When we eventually return to Jurassic Park, I most certainly hope to see feathery dinosaurs strut their stuff.

Again, he makes the point that evolutionary “science” needs a “boost”. Why would it need a boost when it has a firm grip on education in schools, TV, movies, games, websites, etc.? Do they see a rise in creation’s facts? They need to step up their game to try and match the truth in creation?

Personally, I’m glad the creators of this new Jurassic Park will keep feathers out of it and adhere to some true science. I just hope they stick to their word and show the world what dinosaurs really looked like.