According to rock layers, 2/3 to 3/4 of all of the animals on earth went extinct at some time in history. Evolutionists say that it happened 65 million years ago. To the creationist, it happened 3.669 years ago in a catastrophic event we call “the Great Flood”.

Since the validity of the Great Flood has already been secured, I’d like to talk of how the evolutionist’s theories do not cut it.

Asteroid/Meteorite theory

This is the most famous and accepted theory out there for the extinction of these dinosaurs. However, it has many problems. We will refer to it as the “Asteroid theory” for this analysis.

First of all, the asteroid theory may have killed all those animals but it doesn’t explain the fossilization of selfsame animals.

According to the theory a huge asteroid hit the earth. This asteroid threw up so much dust and gas into the air that the global temperature greatly decreased. This, in turn, killed all (according to the theory) the dinosaurs, pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, etc. This asteroid caused huge tsunamis that would have covered many creatures we find today with the correct “ingredients” for fossilization. However, it doesn’t account for the vast amount of fossils we find in every continent and even in the middle of these places, where the waves would not have reached. Neither does it account for the survival of certain species over others.

Also, an asteroid as big a one that would have to “remodel” the entire earth would surely leave a gigantic hole in the earth. No such hole would be big enough to accompany an asteroid the size determinable to throw the world into near extinction!

Gas theory

This theory, rather disgusting, says that dinosaurs died out because of gas stored in their bodies that couldn’t escape. Even if this theory was true how did all the dinosaurs get the same problem and that doesn’t explain the fact that up to three-fourths of the animals went extinct. Did they all have gas issues? And, it also doesn’t make up for the process of fossilization.

Great climate change

This theory promotes the idea that the climate that the dinosaurs, and the rest of the animals, lived in suddenly changed, freezing them or frying them. Again, this theory doesn’t explain why some died and some didn’t. It also doesn’t give us any reason to qualify it for the right requirements for fossilization. Nonetheless, I do believe climate change had some part in killing of these creatures, more on that later.

Mammal competition

This theory holds to the belief that mammals began terrorizing the dinosaurs by eating their eggs. This, of course, would have to relate that mammals evolved and were fairly new to dinosaurs. We know this not to be true because mammals and dinosaur were made the very same day. And, again, this theory does not explain how we find so many fossils and why other reptiles, such as crocodiles (who lay eggs), and birds survived. Why didn’t the mammals eat all of their eggs?

All other theories

Not a single of the hundreds of theories on dinosaur extinction ever works out because of the following three factors:

  1. No satisfactory means of burial, thus fossilization
  2. Doesn’t explain why some lived and some died
  3. No evidence; they are just theories

This brings a great dilemma to all dinosaur fans and experts. If no theory ever works out for the dinosaur extinction because of hitherto mentioned problems, how can we explain the absence of these creatures?

It is a good thing theories don’t work but, there is one thing that works, the true story that really explains how most of these creatures died out. Theories don’t cut it but facts do. And, the Great Flood recorded in Genesis is fact!