burn happy

I had been planning to just schedule my articles however they came on this day but, before I could do that, I looked up and saw that today was “Good Friday”. First, as is normal with me, I wondered why they called it “Good Friday” when God’s only begotten Son had died on this day. Seems a little weird to me but, then again, what doesn’t seem weird to me?

Anyway, after seeing it was Good Friday I thought that, perhaps, I should write an article on Jesus’ death. I mean, this was the day, some 1,988 years ago that He died. Seemed like a pretty important topic. However, I got another idea a moment later. I have written about Jesus’s death many times, getting even to the tiny stuff few people notice. You can read all about it HERE and HERE. So, I decided to write about something that I believe that God has put a burden on my heart for: abortion.

See, when Jesus died, He took upon Himself, all the sins of the world. One of those sins was murder. Now, although this is something I’m still studying, there are different degrees of sin within one category. For instance, Jesus taught that, under the murder “category”, one could hate someone and it would be considered murder.

Another example was getting mad at someone without good reason. This, in God’s eyes, was equal to murder. Kind of changes your thoughts on that “category” of sin, doesn’t it?

Now, if hatred and anger without a reason is considered murder in God’s eyes, than what would abortion be considered? Think about it a little and watch the below movie, it is worth the time and more.