Just about every student hates them. They come in sizes ranging from one page to 50+. They are the downfall of many a student: tests and quizzes!

Wouldn’t it just be nice if we could have a way to take all our tests or quizzes with ease? Not have to worry about the hard questions, just have the ability to answer the questions and figure out the problems with zero stress?

Of course, we would all answer yes. Who wouldn’t want perfect A’s without cheating? I know I would want those As. So, once I started researching for this article series I really found some interesting things on test-taking and how music can help.

First off, when you listen to music, the beat or rhythm can actually affect your brain. When the beat or rhythm gets faster or louder, your brain will actually begin to work harder at whatever you are doing. These means one can focus more directly on a specific subject while listening to the correct kind of music.

What that in mind, it would make sense, if you wanted to get good grades on a test, that you would listen to the same song over and over while studying and then listen to that same song while taking the test that you studied for. That way the same amount and kind of chemical interactions are happening as they did when you studied.

What is interesting is that that the only positive results for memory-inducing music, came from instrumental tracks. Those of which had rapping or singing did not help the person remember anything.

Another test found that those who had practiced on a piano for a long amount of time had better test scores then one who took singing lessons. So, it definitely seems that instrumental (especially Mozart, believe it or not) songs are the only songs that will really get you thinking.

So, if you really want to get good results on a test, begin to take lessons for an instrument of your choice as well as listen to some instrumental music while studying and while taking the test.

Hopefully, I will be able to test my theory over Spring Break as I will be studying heavily for two big math tests. I will be listening to the same song over and over while studying and then listen to that same song over and over while taking the test. Well, that is the plan at least.