Listening to music is the most enjoyable thing I can do. And, right now, the dramatic, instrumental, with the right vocals, are my favorite songs, that is why I liked the beginning of that one nature video so much. Something about dramatic music invigorates my body, soul and brain.

Now, of course, we know that music does have an effect on the brain, that has been studied over and over. But, what still gets me is how it all happens.

How come I can listen to a song and produce an article in a flash but then struggle if I don’t have music running?

Why does some music make me happy and other music make me sad?

Why can some music drive me nuts and other music be so soothing? Is it all in the pitch, tempo, etc?

How come a song can make me concentrate but make my brother’s thoughts all confused?

Why did God make music have such an impact in some people’s lives and then leave other people to almost hate it?

Originally I was just going to leave this to one article but it looks like we will have to start a little series on the deal. I hope you stay updated here to get some answers to the above questions.